District 13 – Josh Higginbotham

Joshua Kurt Higginbotham grew up on a farm in rural Putnam County and is the son of a welder and small business owner. No Higginbotham had ever attended college until he decided to pursue his own version of the American Dream.

Over the years, Higginbotham has learned that hard work pays off. Whether it was preaching at 13, writing and publishing his first book at 14, serving as a Student Ambassador in Europe at 15, working in the United States Senate at 16, being a leader in a global organization at 17, or becoming one of the youngest Republican nominees in American history at 19. Higginbotham has applied a strong work ethic with every venture he has ever undertaken.

No matter what he does, Higginbotham says it is his mission to “serve my God, my Country, and my fellow Human to the best of my ability” and that “together, you and I can inspire a new generation of leaders by reminding them that hard work does pay off and success can be achieved—no matter where you come from.”