District 42 – Barry Bruce

I have been a resident of Greenbrier Coounty for 30 years. My education and experience in business and the legal system along with my faith in God have brought me to the decision to give back to my community by representing them in WV Legislature. The main points I want voters in District. 42 to remember about me are that I will stand strong against abortion, work hard to address the drug epidemic, champion the right to bear arms, work to improve the education in our schools and increase job opportunities throughout the district. It should be known that I am a constitutionalist and therefore will always base my decisions on the protection of the WV and US Constitutions.

My wife Jane and I have been married 48 years and raised 4 wonderful children in West Virginia. It is our home and my hope. A hope that West Virginia will be a place of peace and prosperity to all of her families, with your help we can make it possible. I look forward to serving the people of our district and great state of West Virginia. I am asking for your vote for WV House of Delegates District 42.