The  West Virginia Republican Legislative Committee (WVRLC) was organized in the early 1990s to support Republican members of the West Virginia Legislature.  The Committee recognized the need to have a Republican legislative advocacy group independent of the executive office in order to foster a greater Republican presence in the West Virginia Legislature.

The mix of members has changed over the years, but the WVRLC’s mission has not – to elect well rounded Republicans to best represent West Virginia’s conservative nature and work together to move our great State forward.  Prior to the 2014 general election, the WVRLC’s mission moved to primarily focus its efforts on the House of Delegates.  Our group, together with many others, played a significant role in providing the necessary support that led to the first Republican Legislative majority in 83 years.

Each election cycle, the WVRLC seeks financial support from sitting members and other donors.  These resources are used to recruit and promote Republican candidates for the West Virginia Legislature by offering organizational outreach, educational tools, and other necessary support.

Please take the time to better acquaint yourself with our Team and please consider stepping forward to support our Team’s efforts in moving West Virginia forward.


Moore Capito
Chairman, WVRLC